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Welcome to the Mister Bundles Web Site !
What you will find here :

The main menu
   presents some aspects of the Mister Bundles web site itself.
   The forum page is still under construction.

The Mister Bundles menu
  deals with the Mister Bundles project : our goal with Mister Bundles project is to implement Mister House-like services
  (perl code) under the form of OSGi bundles (java code), conform with the OSGi v2.0 framework specifications.
  We are using JES (Sun) as OSGi reference implementation.

The Download menu
   to download the files needed to implement, test, ou use the Mister Bundles (FREE) Software

The Links menu
  gives a list of other sites of interest dealing with Home Automation, X10 or JAVA/JES technologies

   Hope you'll find what you are looking for !

Sites of interest : OSGI | JES | Sourceforge | EDF Contact : Webmaster

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